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Friday, August 27, 2010

Rumi Forum - welcome to our blog

We hope to by way of this blog let you the reader find out a little bit more about the Rumi Forum. Our activities - past and present, videos, photos, new books and some insight and opinions on numerous topics including intercultural and interfaith dialogue, social policy, multiculturalism, community harmony, conflict resolution, social responsibility, overcoming prejudice and increasing respect amongst numerous others.

We will also highlight news and views about our Honorary President, Fethullah Gulen who is a world renowned Islamic scholar and thinker, education and dialogue activist, poet and prolific writer - a modern Rumi !

We hope to continue in the tradition of the great Mevlana Rumi and invite with kindess and respect to all those that want to contribute to a greater world peace - around the table of humanity with love and respect as our sustenance.

We look forward to hosting you at our numerous events and activities, please sign up to our newsletter to find out about upcoming events... (on the right hand side)

In the meantime enjoy a short video that describes what the Rumi Forum is about :

For full size video click :