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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rumi Forum's First Suhoor in Washington DC

Rumi Forum organized the first ever suhoor program in Washington DC on July 19.


The suhoor took place at the Levante's Restaurant in Washington DC. There was a big interest for this early breakfast held at 3 am. More than 70 Washingtonians attended the program. The event marked the importance of coming together once again to celebrate friendship, dialog and tolerance. The diverse backgrounds of the participants provided an opportunity for bolstering ties within our society. Rumi Forum plans to organize this in the upcoming Ramadans as well.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 Ramadan Iftar Series

Rumi Forum continued the Ramadan iftar series tradition in 2014 by hosting various organizations and groups from media, think tanks, academia, government, embassies and NGOs at the Rumi Forum and with Turkish American families. 

Wilson Center, US Attorney's Office in Alexandria, CBS News, National Press Club and Embassy of Philippines were among the distinguished organizations hosted. First time this year, Rumi Forum also organized an early breakfast (Suhoor) at 3 am on July 19.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Annual Eid (Bayram) Lunch 2014

Rumi Forum organized a lunch in celebration of the Eid on August 4, 2014. Distinguished guests from think tanks, academia, media, government and embassies attended the program. 


 Ambassador David Newton and Ambassador Asif Chaudry talked about the importance of celebrating together. Rumi Forum organized more than 45 iftar dinners and the first suhoor (early breakfast) program in Washington DC  during the month of Ramadan (July 2014). The Eid lunch was the last program of Ramadan signifying the importance of friendship, dialog and cooperating towards the common good. The event marked the first of annual Eid lunch series of the Rumi Forum. 

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Rumi Forum and Embrace Relief is organizing a help campaign for Syrian Refugees with a goal of $15,000. The Syrian refugee crisis has already gone on too long. Your donation, in any dollar amount, will go far and is greatly needed!


 Did you know that over 1 million Syrian refugees are living in Turkey?  These individuals have no home, no country, no running water, no electricity, and no promise of a brighter future. The number of people affected by the crisis are staggering. 5,000 Syrians become refugees every day. 1,600,000 houses are estimated to be damaged or destroyed in Syria. 2,000,000 Syrian refugee children are exposed to malnutrition.

Please donate. Every dollar counts! Your contribution will go to Embrace Relief, a partner organization supporting the important work of Turkish relief organization, Kimse Yok Mu (KYM).

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rumi Forum Summer 2014 Trips

Rumi Forum organized four study trips during the summer with the mission of learning more about the political, economic, social and cultural life in Turkey.

Truman Fellows at STRATIM in Ankara
Rumi Forum Fellows Trips took place in May and June, where PhD Students around the DC region had a chance to visit Turkey and write articles based on their experience. Participants from Georgetown University, Howard University, Catholic University of America, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion University and Trinity DC visited many cities including Istanbul, Izmir and Gaziantep where they had opportunities to meet with journalists, scholars, academics, young professionals and businessmen to discuss Turkey related issues. See the articles from the previous year here.

Rumi Forum also organized a trip to Kyrgyzstan and Turkey in June with participants from Think tanks, universities and NGOs in Washington DC. The participants had a chance to meet with politicians, journalists, educators, NGO leaders and scholars in both countries.

Rumi Forum with Truman National Security Project Fellows continued in 2014 with a media group. The fellows visited Syrian refugees in Gaziantep which inspired the Rally for Refugees campaign.

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