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Thursday, June 23, 2011

VIDEO - SAIS/Rumi Forum Panel - A New Era in Peace Building & Democratization

Below are the Youtube videos for the jointly SAIS -Rumi Forum organized panel -
A New Era in Peace Building & Democratization

As the Arab Spring has made clear, new technologies have made civil society one of -- if not the -- most important factor in determining the stability and durability of governance around the world. Hear four experts share their perspectives on how the role of civil society has changed, and how its effective mobilization can speed the development of democracy and peace in the 21st century.

Mohamed Nimer, Assistant Professor of Religion and Politics Worldwide and Islam in World Affairs, American University
Vladimir Fedorenko, Research Director, Rumi Forum
David Korányi, Visiting MOL Fellow, Center for Transatlantic Relations
Ambassador Kurt Volker, Senior Fellow and Managing Director, Center for Transatlantic Relations
Marios Efthymiopoulos, Moderator, Visiting Scholar, Center for Transatlantic Relations