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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fethullah Gulen and the Hizmet Movement, Jack Goldstone, George Mason University

I think Fethullah Gulen is a remarkable philosopher. I’m pleased with the influence that he’s had because virtually all of his followers share the goals of charity, interfaith peace, and the condemnation of violence. It does trouble me sometimes that there is no control all over who gets the call themselves a Gulenist and even though who knows very little about Fethullah Gulen, his writings, the organizations, are willing to see the hand of conspiracy where none exist. But of course we are human, we all tend worry, and sometimes we put labels on things. And experience I’ve had with Gulenist organizations has been entirely positive. I’m a Jewish academic born in America with European parents and everyone made me feel like part of the same community, we sharing the same goals.
All of the statements I’ve seen from Fethullah Gulen regarding political events, even up to his touching statements regarding the victims of the Boston bombing, have always been against violence, in favor of peace. And for bringing people of all faiths together. So I’m very happy with the analogy I’ve gained about the Gulen and Gulen Movement, the activities of most of his supporters all that I know personally, they have been great and I think the organization is great.