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Thursday, November 25, 2010

MEDIA - John Esposito: It sets an example in that it (Gulen Movement) is very global and pluralistic

Ebru TV interviews Dr John Esposito and Dr Robert Pape at the recent Gulen Conference in Chicago
Full interview below

Supporters Gather Over Gulen Movement
Scholars from around the world gathered for a conference in Chicago to talk about the Gulen movement and Fethullah Gulen.  Organizers say the meeting was necessary because fear and hatred continue to influence public opinion and there is a need to focus on people and groups that promote peace and understanding.

Speakers from 26 different countries addressed the international conference.

It began with a keynote speech by John Esposito, who recently co-edited a book titled “Islam and Peacebuilding: Gülen Movement Initiatives.”

Also on hand was Thomas Michel of the Vatican, who focused on the two core values of the Gulen movement -- worship and servanthood to God

Meanwhile, the legendary scholar of religious studies Martin Marty suggested in his presentation that “the Gülen example helps relate moderate Islam to others....