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Friday, November 26, 2010

NEW VIDEO - How can dialogue serve as a tool of resolving protracted social conflicts?

Our latest video from our popular Rumi Forum luncheon series has been uploaded. We hope you enjoy it !

Mr. Jacevic uses various tools and approaches to build bridges between communities torn by dissent and destruction. As we increasingly face the challenges of the 21st internal stifle, in which wars are more often fought in city neighborhood than distant battlegrounds, we need to create even more innovative solutions that will build sustainable peace. While military expenditures sky rocket, we need to seek alternative forms to transform conditions that give rise to power, war and terrorism in the first place. Dialogue is therefore an essential prerequisite to enabling millions of people to live freely and productively, yet it is an underutilized and not fully appreciated method. Inter-faith dialogue is one of the various and many forms that will be discussed during this luncheon. YOUTUBE VIDEO BELOW - FULL LENGTH VIDEO at  VIMEO