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Thursday, November 25, 2010

NEW BOOK - European Muslims, Civility and Public Life - Paul Weller + Ihsan Yilmaz

European Muslims, Civility and Public Life-  Perspectives On and From the Gülen Movement
edited by Paul Weller & Ihsan Yilmaz

Assessment of the influence and impact of the Islamic scholar and activist Fethullah Gülen, and those who are inspired by him, on contemporary Islam.


This edited collection deals with the challenges and opportunities faced by Muslims and the wider society in Europe following the Madrid train bombings of 2003 and the London Transport attacks of 2007. The contributors explore the challenges to the concept and practice of civility in public life within a European context, and demonstrates the contributions that can be made in this regard by the thought and practice of the global movement associated with the Turkish Muslim scholar Fethullah Gülen. The importance and distinctiveness of teaching of Gülen and the practice of the movement is that it is rooted in a confident Turkish Islamic heritage while being fully engaged with modernity. It offers the possibility of a contextualised renewal of Islam for Muslims in Europe while being fully rooted in the teachings of the Qu’ran and the Sunnah of the Prophet.
This volume is an important contribution to the study of the movement, which advocates the freedom of religion while making an Islamic contribution to the wider society based on a commitment to service of others.

Table of Contents

1. A Gülen Movement Overview Paul Weller & Ihsan Yilmaz \ Part I: Perspectives on Gülen on Muslim Identity and Public Life \ 2. Dialogue and Transformative Resources: Perspectives from Fethullah Gülen on Religion and Public Life Paul Weller \ 3. Modern Ideals and Muslim Identity: Harmony or Contradiction? - A Text Linguistic Analysis of the Gülen Teaching and Movement Gurkan Celik, Kate Kirk & Yusuf Alan \ 4. Turkish Muslims And Islamic Turkey: Perspectives For A New European Islamic Identity? Shanthikumar Hettiarachchi \ Part II: Civility and Integration \ 5. Civility in Islamic Activism: Towards a Better Understanding of Shared Values for Civil Society Development Wanda Krause \ 6. Reflections on European Multiculturalism, Islam and Peaceful Coexistence: Tariq Ramadan and Fethullah Gülen Erkan Toguslu \ 7. Integration of Muslims in Europe and the Gülen Movement Araxs Pashayan \ Part III: Contexts \ 8. From “New Man” to “World Citizen”: The Replication of Gülen's Renewal Vision in the Dutch Context Tineke Peppinck \ 9. The Emergence of a Neo-Communitarian Movement in the Turkish Diaspora in Europe: the Strategies of Settlement and Competition in the Gülen Movement in France and Germany Emre Demir \ 10. Gülen Movement as an Integration Mechanism for Europe’s Turkish and Muslim Community Fatih Tedik \ 11. Reflecting on the Gülen Movement’s Interfaith Dialogue Work through the Activities of NITECA, a Gülen-Inspired Society Based in Northern Ireland  Jonathan Lacey \ Part IV: Combatting Terrorism \ 12. Robustness and Civility: Themes from Fethullah Gülen as Resource and Challenge for Government, Muslims and Civil Society in the United Kingdom Paul Weller \ 13. A Suni Muslim Scholar’s Humanitarian and Religious Rejection of Violence Against Civilians Y. Alp Aslandogan & Bekir Cinar \ 14. The Work of Fethullah Gülen and The Role of Non-violence in a Time of Terror Steve Wright \ 15. Combatting Terrorism in Britain: Gülen’s Ideas Asaf Hussain \ 16. Conclusion Paul Weller & Ihsan Yilmaz \ Bibliography \ Index


Paul Weller is Professor of Inter-Religious Relations at the University of Derby and Visiting Fellow in the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture at Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford, UK.

Ihsan Yilmaz is Professor of Comparative Law, Legal Sociology, Islamic Law and Turkish Politics at the University of London, UK, and Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey.

* ISBN: 9781441102072

272 Pages, paperback      * Also available in: hardcover

European Muslims, Civility and Public Life - Continuum